Cover Reveal: “Star Child” by Petra Landon

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Title: Star Child, (The Zenkoti Fables, #1)
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Author: Petra Landon
Publication Date: August 8th 2019
Genre: Adult, Adventure, Fantasy


On a mining outpost, a young woman dreams of the stars. When fate thrusts her in the company of a motley crew of bounty hunters seeking to avenge an injustice, Novi cannot believe her luck. But nothing is as it seems and what she learns will turn her world upside down.

Led by the only man to bring the mightiest army in the Inner Worlds to its knees, the crew is engaged in a wily cat and mouse game with the powerful Guild Coalition. Under the tutelage of her enigmatic shipmates and the charismatic Captain, Novi dodges space outlaws and greedy corporations, mingles with Synths and settlers, travels the wondrous Star Portal Labyrinth and discovers a mysterious legacy bequeathed by the Gods. But each exhilarating adventure raises terrifying questions about her. When a devastating epiphany shatters her world, Novi is forced to question everything she believes. 

Author’s Note : This space western style adventure is set on far away exotic worlds. Adventure, intrigue and action abound in this tale of a feisty young heroine embarking on the quest of a lifetime.

Author Bio:

An avid reader all her life, only recently has Petra allowed her own imagination to run riot. She loves to travel and reads everything she can get her hands on. Her idea of a good read is one where the story and characters linger, long after the book has been set aside. She strives to write fantasy with vivid characters and elements of adventure, mystery and romance juxtaposed together, since those are the tales she has enjoyed the most over the years. To share the stories swirling in her imagination is a labor of love and a lifelong dream come true for Petra.

Author Links : Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Amazon / Mailing List / Pinterest


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