#ArmedWithABingo Book Bingo 2020

Hello, friends! I am so excited to announce I’ll be participating in Ariel and Kriti’s #ArmedWithABook bingo challenge for 2020! This is my first time ever trying out a book bingo, and after scouring the internet to see which ones the book community were participating in I finally settled on this one. Of all the bingos, this one encourages great reading diversity but also didn’t seem to have any squares I overtly want to avoid, which is really great ;P

For anyone who wants to join in, sign ups are open until March 15th! – https://www.armedwithabook.com/armedwithabingo/

This post comes a little late since I’ve already actually read around 4 books so far in 2020:

Which makes my updated bingo card… *drumroll* …

I’m not doing so great at picking a lane yet…but there’s still plenty of time at least!

Check back every so often for updates 🙂 Looking forward to sharing progress with you all!

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