#ArmedWithABingo 1st Quarter Update – KILLIN' IT!!!

Hi, everyone! Checking in with a progress update on how my bingo card for #ArmedWithABingo is coming along, and I’m thrilled with the progress! I’ve read 19 books so far this year as of writing this, which has only lead to one bingo so far but I’m set up to nail so many more in the next quarter!

In total so far this year I’ve read 19 books, but not all of them fit in the book bingo squares above. For this quarter, my favorite book on the bingo so far has probably been The Rage of Dragons, closely followed by Wanderers in an unexpected second place. Before diving into why, let me start by saying I’ve undergone a reading evolution this year.

Previously, I’d only ever read true crime and nonfiction books which were fantastic. They’re cerebral, thought provoking, and cater to my interests in psychology. Late last year, however, I started traversing into occasional fiction thrillers and then early this year I was introduced to a couple great fantasy books. In the last month this book bingo spurred me to try out some science fiction which I was under the impression I’d hate but turned out enjoying (given the right story). It’s been a relatively fast but very logical progression, and I’m really thrilled with how my reading journey has changed over the last few months :).

Now for my favorite books. I’d meant to write a post on The Rage of Dragons but haven’t gotten around to yet (maybe in the next few weeks?). In general I found it to be a really enjoyable fantasy book with dragons, magic, romance, war, betrayal…the whole nine yards. There’s a sequel supposedly coming out late this year which I’m stoked for! The unexpectedly fun prompt/book was my read for the dystopian novel square – Wanderers. As mentioned, sci-fi genre was so out of my reading comfort zone I never even thought to enter. This prompt gave me motivation to find a book, and I was thrilled to actually really like this one! It’s about a pandemic of sleepwalking that overtakes humanity, with a side of engaging characters and underpinned by AI and its role in the story. I have a separate post about this book if you want to read more!

That pretty much sums up my progress on the book bingo so far. I’m excited to see how many more bingos I can get in the next quarter, since I’ve got a bunch of check marks only a space or two from bingo. If you’re also doing this book bingo let me know how it’s going, or feel free to ping with any questions!

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