2020 Goodreads End of Year Wrap Up

As this difficult year comes to a close it’s an opportunity to reflect on our personal journeys. This year more than ever each of us have uniquely felt the impact of this pandemic, but there have been glimpses of brightness in the dark. Reading has been one of these for me. Like many, I wasn’t sure how the stress of the pandemic and working from home would affect my reading progress/goals. Although there have certainly been stretches where my mind has been too fatigued to fully immerse in a book no matter how good it is, I’ve been fortunate that books have for the most part been a wonderful refuge. A wonderful means to let my mind have a break from the real world. And I think we’ve all needed that this year 😊

I also started getting a bit more into audiobooks during the second half of this year. They’re a lovely way to immerse in a story on walks, around the house, or (my favorite) while doing crafts like knitting or cross stitch. I’ve finished around 4-5 books this way and since I do consider them reading (albeit a slightly different experience) I’ve logged them in Goodreads as well.

My end of year stats in Goodreads reflect the culmination of all these changes.

This year I read 82 books, up from 28 the previous year!

Number of pages read of course increased in correlation as well to 35,875.

Average book length also increased albeit very slightly

The longest book this year for me was Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson at 1,243 pages (in all honesty the Stormlight archive series probably boosted these numbers 😂)

2020 was a Fantasy-heavy year, followed by Mystery/Thriller. True crime which is usually very high was lower than expected.

And finally, average rating was higher than past years as well!

On whole a very nice reading year in the books 🙂 How was your reading this year? Feel free to let me know below! Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful end of year ❄⛄


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