Renee’s Recent Reads (+ LIFE UPDATE) 10/26/21

Hi, everyone! I want to start with a quick apology for the spotty posting these last few months. I recently got married and everything leading up to / through that was very overwhelming. A couple obligatory wedding photos below 😉

Three tier Wedding cake; white with taupe ruffles on bottom layer, red and yellow sugar flowers
Wedding photo; bride and groom leaving church

I hope to start relaxing back into a routine over the next few weeks again, and heading in to the holidays it’ll be lovely spending more time with you guys! Unfortunately timing-wise all this means I’ve mostly missed the creepy fall/Halloween books season, which is normally my thing being so into thrillers. But with everything else in the world I think that’s all right 😊 we’re just going to roll with it.

I’m also trying out this new informal post type for weekly/biweekly reading updates. Previously I had been doing the WWW Wednesday posts but I found having it mid week was inconvenient. My hope is doing a casual weekend catch up will be easier for me to keep up on as well as be a nice quick end of week post for fellow readers like yourself to pop in on. I enjoy doing the more structured review posts but they take a lot of effort to put together, so this should be a nice contrast.

With that said I’ve recently been on a Sanderson binge! I’ve read the Stormlight archive series thus far (1-4 as of this writing), but I hadn’t read anything else by him. This last week or so I started the Mistborn series. I’ve made it through books 1 and 2 so far and it’s been an incredible journey!! I’m very excited to continue in the world in book 3. I’m a little hesitant about second era, though (books 4-6); they seem to get mixed feedback since Sanderson tweaks the genre on you and brings in whole new characters. What are your thoughts if you’ve read the two Mistborn eras?

Mistborn paperback cover from Barnes and noble, author Brandon Sanderson

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