Renee’s Recent Reads 11/08/21

Hi, everyone! Hope everyone’s Halloween for those who celebrated was great. 👻🎃

A quick reading update – I finished the Mistborn series!!! At least, I finished what is out so far which is the three books in era 1 and the three currently in era 2. Era 1 was by far my favorite. The setting and tasks just seem all that more epic compared to era 2. However, era 2 characters worked their way into my heart. Initially I disliked Wayne and Steris, but by book three of the set I really enjoyed them. Also, no spoilers but I have to say that third book of era 2 also brought in a lot of unexpected features to look forward to in the final book coming out next year. If you’ve read the series, let me know what you think!

Mistborn paperback cover from Barnes and noble, author Brandon Sanderson

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