Renee’s Recent Reads 12/14/21

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you’re staying warm as the weather continues to get colder. Nothing much new for me except for the usual upcoming holiday prep.

However…I have recently been looking into Storygraph as an alternative book tracking option. Earlier in the year I saw a lot of booktubers checking it out, and even though it’s a newer platform their general feedback seemed positive. A recommended YouTube video last week brought it back to my attention, so I’m going to do a test run and see how it goes 🙂 At very least it seems the ‘DNF’ marking, book recommendations, and stats seem vastly superior to Goodreads.

If anyone else has tried Storygraph please let me know!

storygraph key features compared to goodreads
Some appealing feature marketing on Storygraph’s site!

On to what I’ve been reading recently:

  • The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber – really interesting True Crime about RN “The Angel of Death” Charlie Cullen; one of my favorite books in the genre for a while
  • Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade – fantasy, adventure, bit satirical/ironic; didn’t quite live up to the King’s Dark Tidings series for me
  • Shards of Earth by Adria Tchaikovsky – wanted to love this one and got to page 300 before calling it. The Architects were fascinating and I loved the characters, but at times was a bit slow for me and there’s a ton of species/political faction names to get familiar with. Might be good for more advanced space opera readers but I’m a rookie still 🙂

I’m currently reading The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson. Should be pretty quick given how short it is!


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