Renee’s Recent Reads 1/10/22

a good 5 inches or so of snow!
At least we got some snow!

Good morning, everyone! It’s been a wild and stressful holiday season for our family with COVID this past month so I’m behind on posting. Thank you in advance for being patient as I catch up these next couple weeks especially with 2021 wrap ups 😊. As of right now I’m planning at least two ‘top reads’ style posts for my two most common genres – one for crime / thrillers and another for sci fi / fantasy. Let me know which you’re most excited for!

In the mean time I recently *slowlyyy* read the fantasy novel Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson during the time I was sick (incredible how much of a hit your mental capacity takes). All things considered I had a great time in the world, with only a few minor critiques. Look for a more detailed review on that coming up!

After that I’ve started The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre, an adult thriller recommended by Jacqueline as part of her Patreon group. I made the questionable decision of starting that on the plane ride back post holidays…and wow is that something I wouldn’t repeat haha. I should have known based on the synopsis there’d be a lot of sexual content. At least I started this one as an eBook and could shrink the font 🤣. So far I have mixed feelings about the book and it’ll be interesting to see where I land at the end.

Thanks for catching up! Wishing everyone good health and a belated happy new year 💜


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