2021 Reading Wrap Up

Hello, everyone! Today I’m closing the book on 2021 with a summary of my total stats from Goodreads and Storygraph. By now you’ve already seen my top crime/thriller and scifi/fantasy posts . Now here’s a quick glance at the data – pages, genres, the whole nine yards 😊✨ Enjoy!

Goodreads pages and book totals. My original goal for 2021 was 70 books, later increased to 75. I’m happy to say I surpassed both goals! I nearly made it to 100, but honestly by the time I’d checked on this early December there wasn’t enough time to squeeze in the additional 10 books, and getting sick at the end of year on top of it all sealed the deal. I’ll be excited to see if 2022 brings the opportunity for 100 or not!
My average book length is 359 pages.
Top book moods according to Storygraph. A quick note – since I started doing Storygraph late it somehow missed two books during the import and I haven’t been able to find which they were…so all the following Storygraph stats are off and use 88 books baseline instead of the accurate 90 from Goodreads.
I love this chart 😛 Clearly I enjoy reading mysterious, dark, and tense books. I believe the adventurous category popping in would be a reflection of the fantasy and science fiction reads.
Most hilarious here to me is the tiny itty bitty slice of ‘funny.’ 🤣
Storygraph bar chart of genres read. Highest categories are thriller, mystery, fantasy, crime, and science fiction. Followed by romance, which is a bit unexpected.
And here we see the genre breakdown from Storygraph (again using the 88 instead of 90 books, but pretty close). Nothing super surprising here to me or anyone who follows my blog regularly – mostly a mix of thriller, mystery, fantasy, crime, and science fiction. I was a bit surprised by how many romance books there were, but otherwise this graph basically meets expectations.
Storygraph pie chart of book pacing. Heavy favor, 52%, for fast paced books, medium paced books following at 33%
The Storygraph pie chart of book pacing shows I heavily favor fast or at least ‘medium’ paced books..which is true sometimes I have low patience for a slow plot 🤣
Storygraph line chart of number of pages vs number of books charted over each month of the year. Interestingly they start out pretty well matched through around July and then the pages read jumps up, seeming to indicate longer books and / or slower reading, since the number of books doesn’t come back up? Still trying to figure out how to interpret this chart.
Storygraph bar chart of ratings I've given each book. Average rating of 3.94
And finally, we have the Storygraph chart of ratings I’ve given books, with an average rating of 3.94, which seems pretty good 😊

Hope you found these charts as fascinating as I did! I’m excited by the enhanced stats Storygraph gave me this year for free instead of having to calculate the breakdowns myself from Goodreads. Some of these graphs I probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with easily, like the number of books vs pages.

For reading tracking this year I plan on continuing to use both Storygraph and Goodreads. I wish I could switch fully to Storygraph but it’s still not quite where I need it be functionally for me to fully switch over, and I enjoy keeping up with what some of my friends are reading who are still on Goodreads. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve checked out both.

‘Til next time!


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