Tier-Ranking Every Book I Read in 2021

Hi, friends! Recently I watched a video by Regan of PeruseProject where she ranked all her 2021 books. I thought that was such a fun idea I decided to do the same. So here are all of my 2021 reads ranked!

And here’s a link to my tiermaker in case anyone has read similar books and wants to give them a rank to compare 😊

tiermaker all book covers from goodreads, ranked

At the top we have a mix of genres – thriller, fantasy, scifi, and a couple general fiction. These won’t be a surprise for those of you who read my top thrillers and sff of 2021 posts 😊 I think what was most unexpected was how many books I ended putting on mid-tier level when push came to shove. Many of those I actually gave star ratings of 4 or higher, but when I evaluate the books all at once they fall down the ladder a bit.

Check out my top 2021 thrillers post or sff post for more info on the top books in those categories.

Let me know what your top reads are, or if you’ve read any of these and agree or disagree with the ranking!


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