Renee’s Recent Reads 4/17/22 + Easter πŸ£

The view of some mountains from plane ride

Hi friends, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate! πŸ‡πŸ£ My husband and I are enjoying some time with his side of the family since we didn’t get to visit this last Christmas.

In the mean time I’ve been having a great reading month so far. I’ve gotten through five books and am half way through my sixth, which is a bit faster than my usual pace. I’m excited to see if I can push my books read up from eight to ten for just this month, since it’s just such a satisfying number ;P Stay tuned to see if that actually happens!

Currently I’m reading Breathless by Amy McCulloch , an adrenaline-filled mountaineering thriller ARC from NetGalley. So far it’s been a great mix of big mountain climbing meets underlying tremors of some disturbing human events. The stakes are no less than summiting a massive beast of a mountain in exchange for an exclusive interview with a famous alpine mountaineer himself. But how far will the renowned man and his curated team push to summit, and in their single focus are they disregarding what could be other life-threatening dangers on the remote mountain?

Have a great day, everyone! Happy reading β˜ΊοΈπŸ“š


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