Renee’s Recent Reads 5/12/22 ⛅

Hi, friends! Here to break up the recent cloudy weather with some sunny reading updates 🙂

Currently I’m reading Shorefall, book two of Robert Jackson Bennett‘s The Founders Trilogy. I’m about 50 pages in and loving my time revisiting Sancia and the incredible scriving system! Book one set this one up for some epic plot opportunities so I’m excited to see where this one goes.

I also had a short string of recent disappointing reads, both thrillers.

The first was The Retreat by Elisabeth de Mariaffi. This one had such a promising concept and I did enjoy most of it, but the ending was absolutely terrible and unbelievable. **SPOILER FOR THIS BELOW** because I can’t help it.

The second disappointment was The Mansion by Ezekiel Boone. I’d really hoped this would be like Turn of the Key modernized. The premise for this one is essentially a creepy remote mansion gets modernized by a tech multi-billionaire, who invites his former co-founder to live there and fix the buggy AI/assistant he embedded into the building. But it takes basically half the book to get to the mansion. In the mean time there’s so much sexism, brooding over bad blood, and alcoholism that I just couldn’t make it through. I gave up pg 240 out of 415.

This makes this month decidedly my worst start to reading so far…

Hope your reading is going better this month. Maybe I’ll stumble into better books in the second half 👍




If you think dashing towards a known bear’s cache in the middle of winter in attempt to lure your obsessive potential murderer to his death is a good idea, you should probably rethink your life.. I absolutely can’t believe that was a plot decision here.



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