Renee’s Recent Reads 5/18/22 ☠

Hi, friends! A very quick check in this Wednesday to let you know what I’ve been up to. Because the weather has still been pretty terrible for May there hasn’t been much going on aside from work, reading, and typical day-to-day activities.

Recently I finished Ben Galley’s epic fantasy story The Forever King. Check out the full review here if you missed it!

blood of the chosen by django wexler book cover from goodreads

I’m currently reading Blood of the Chosen by Django Wexler, which I’d picked up on Independent Bookstore Day and was released last October 2021. This is a fantasy meets scifi story and book two in the Burningblade & Silvereye series. As usual I’m enjoying this second book a bit less than the first. Although it’s a great expansion on the first story’s mechanics and I’m loving that content, there’s more romance. The relationships being forged are cute but a bit too prevalent for my taste and just not what I came to the story for. I was looking forward to book three in this series coming out next year, but we’ll see how this book closes out for me.

I plan on picking up a mystery/thriller or fiction classic book next (aka fantasy break; I prefer to spread out the genres so I’m not stuck in a single category for too long). There’s a stack of physical books I’m working through so will hopefully end up plucking one of those off next.

Happy reading!


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