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Alright, friends. Brace yourself for a rough post πŸ˜‚ I’ve been tagged by Lysackandrew from WriteWithAndrew to do this memory challenge book tag and I’m prepared to fall flat on my face trying.

Check out Andrew’s page below to see how they did!

Rules: Answer the prompts without using the internet or looking at your bookshelves. Your answers have to all come from memory! Make sure to link to the person who originally tagged you and, once your done, you can tag five other people if you’d like.

1. Name a Book by an Author Called Michael

Off to a terrible start…not only is this my husband’s name but it’s also a pretty common one. Still, I’m pulling up blank. I’m not great with names so unless I’ve talked about a book a lot it’s not surprising I can’t recall one for this section.

Running Score: 0 / 1

2. Name a Book with a Dragon on the Cover

the rage of dragons by evan winter book cover from goodreads

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter takes this slot! Awesome plot-driven dragon fantasy story, I’m so excited for book three in the series to come out next year (sadly got delayed).

Running Score: 1 / 2

3. Name a book about a character called George

curious george by h a ray book cover from goodreads

Does Curious George work? Let’s say it does πŸ˜‚

Running Score: 2 / 3

4. Name a Book Written by an Author with the Surname Smith

…I’ve got nothing. These author ones are killing me.

Running Score: 2 / 4

5. Name a Book Set in Australia

the survivors by jane harper book cover from goodreads

The Survivors by Jane Harper! I recently wrote a post related to this book so I’m happy this was fresh in my mind haha. Takes place in a small costal town.

Running Score: 3 / 5

6. Name a Book with the Name of a Month in the Title

may day by jose jaffrey book cover from goodreads

May Day by Josie Jaffrey works here. And it’s perfect for this month, happy coincidence! I thought this book was pretty good, but wasn’t a favorite for me.

Running Score: 4 / 6

7. Name a Book with a Knife on the Cover

You would think this one would be easy for me with all the thrillers and fantasies I read, but every book that comes to mind is more subtle I guess.. Pass on this question.

Running Score: 4 / 7

8. Name a Book with the Word β€œOne” in the Title

one by one by ruth ware book cover from goodreads

One by One by Ruth Ware comes to mind. Should count for two points because it has TWO ‘one’s in it, really 🀣 I’ll compromise for a point and a half.

Running Score: 5.5 / 8

9. Name a Book with an Eponymous Title

dracula by bram stoker book cover from goodreads

Had to look this word up, apparently ‘eponymous‘ means the title will share the name of the person in the book, or possibly the author may qualify. Dracula by Bram Stoker snags this one in my list. Our favorite infamous vampire.

Running Score: 6.5 / 9

10. Name a Book Turned into a Movie

the count of monte cristo by alexandre dumas book cover from goodreads

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I know, I’m pulling from some classic titles towards the end here. They’re both solid, though, in my defense! I’m re-reading some classics now and many of them are still read for good reason.

Running Score: 7.5 / 10

Hm there seem to be only 9 prompts in my tagged post but looking at some others I saw 10. So I ended up with a total score of 7.5 / 10 (or 7 / 10 if you want to remove my well-deserved half point ). Not too bad!

Thanks again to WriteWithAndrew for the tag!

If you’re up for it and haven’t already done the tag, I’d like to nominate:


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Memory Challenge Book Tag

  1. Well done! One by One was a great answer I think you should have taken the two points! I think I’ve thought of one for all of them, the month was the stumper for me! (But typical I’ve just thought of another one…)

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