May 2022 Wrap-up πŸ’

Hi, friends! Another month has flown by and we’re on our way to summer! Overall May was a very successful reading month for me! I’m very excited to share my stats and top reads with you. Keep reading to get the run down πŸ™‚


May pie chart of books by mood from storygraph; majority 'dark'

This month I finally read 10 BOOKS!!! This has been my goal for each month of the year so far but May was the first time I hit that number. As satisfying as it is, I don’t think I’ll be pushing for that milestone again now that I’ve done it, though. I didn’t change my book length and I really had to power through the books to get there. In total I read 4,726 pages. My current status for the year is 41 out of my 80 book goal.

By genre I favored a mix of dark and adventurous reads.


bar chart of books by genre from storygraph

Those dark and adventurous mood reads were from the leading genres here – thriller and fantasy (tied) as most-read, followed by horror. No big changes here!

Again somehow the historical genre crept in carried on the wings of another genre πŸ˜› Must be some historical fantasies I read..


pie chart of books by page length from storygraph

In May half the books I read were 500+ pages. There was one short read (288 pages), and the remaining four books were medium-length.

Ratings & Highs and Lows

bar chart of books by star rating from storygraph

And finally, there was a spread of ratings, with only two books hitting above 4 stars. These top two books were….


elantris and the count of monte cristo book covers

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson at 5⭐ for the month, an enchanting fantasy read.

Followed by The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas at 4.25⭐, a classic revenge story.

Thanks for popping by, and happy reading!


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