July Wrap Up

Hi, everyone, somehow July is done and gone and August is upon us. *cue hype for fall*
July was a slight improvement on June’s stats, since I managed to dig myself out of the reading slump at least for now. Here’s what I’ve read this last month 😄

5 Books :
Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough
Pathological: The Murderous Rage Of Dr. Anthony Garcia by Henry J. Cordes, Todd Cooper
The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women by Kate Manne
56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard

1,478 pages total
The longest book was Dead to Her at 400pgs
295.6 Average pages per book

3 Genre Categories
Thriller: 2
True Crime: 1
General Nonfiction: 1

2 Sources
Book of the Month Subscription: 2
Local Bookstore: 2

My top pick of the set for this month is….. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides! Falling in line with the crowd here, this was a top psychological thriller. Coincidentally though, it was also my most disappointing read – the hype on this pumped it up too much in my opinion. Review out soon with full thoughts 😀


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