February 2022 Wrap-up

Another month of 2022 gone already! Time’s speeding by with all the world and personal events going on these days. It’s been both a fantastic time to get away and jump into a book but also a difficult time to concentrate. Reading has been coming in waves, and I think that’s perfectly understandable given the unique times we’re living in.

Here’s what I read in February and all the fun stats to go with it (courtesy of StoryGraph)!


book moods pie chart from storygraph

Alright starting off, I read 7 books in February and 2,644 pages. This puts me at a current year total of 15 books out of the 80 book goal I have for the year, which is one book ahead of schedule!

Most of the books were ‘adventurous’, followed by ‘mysterious’. This is a bit lighter than the more dark/tense/mysterious majority graphs I was seeing last year, so I seem to have moved into a fantasy/sci-fi majority phase (which we’ll see in a second). The emotional slice here was a surprise to me, but I think that’s because of one particular fantasy/magical realism book I read (Under the Whispering Door). In general I don’t enjoy ’emotional’ reads unless it’s a bit dark 😛


book genres bar chart from storygraph

And here we see the genres that reflected in the first moods graph. I read mostly science fiction this month, and then really a smattering of a bunch of genres. I picked up whatever I felt like reading in the moment so this was really a mood-reading month.


book length pie chart from storygraph

In terms of book size I landed mostly in the middle in February. There were a couple shorter books and one longer book but majority were of average length.

Ratings & Highs and Lows

book star review ratings from storygraph

And finally perhaps the most interesting section – how I rated the books! I rated most books on the positive side of the spectrum, one closer to the middle, and one low rating for a book that didn’t work for me.

The Top, 5⭐ read for me this month was: *drumroll*

Starsight (Skyward book #2) by Brandon Sanderson!

Followed closely by:

Skyward (Skyward #1) by Brandon Sanderson and

Mickey7 by Edward Ashton

Thanks for popping by, and happy reading!


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