April 2022 Wrap-up ☔

We’re ONE-THIRD through 2022, everyone.

Did that jar you? It stunned me! Four months down, eight remaining of 2022. But on the bright side I’d argue the months we’ve got left are the better group – more sun, longer days for summer, then leading in to cool, brisk fall nights and holidays. I won’t miss the tail end of winter and spring we’ve just gotten through!

Here’s how my April month of reading shaped up!


pie chart of book moods read from storygraph

In total through April I read 8 books and 3,648 pages, putting me at a current 2022 year’s total of 31 books out of my 80 book goal. This is the same number of books I read last month, but a nearly 600 page increase in length. So although I didn’t get to 10 books this month like I’d distantly wanted, the ones I read were beefier.

Again I also favored a ‘dark’ and ‘mysterious’ mood, but added ‘challenging’ and ‘tense’ to the mix.


bar chart of genres read from storygraph

In the genre category I squeezed in one more Fantasy than Thriller as top genre reads. We also see Mystery up as a top category, tied with – surprisingly – Historical????? I never pick out straight Historical reads so these must have been mixed with some other genre like Historical Fiction x Fantasy or Thriller.


pie chart of book length from storygraph

Somehow I managed to dodge all short books this month and went straight for medium / long books…which again isn’t so surprising when you compare pages / books read for the month. I swear in April I was shooting for shorter ones 🤷‍♀️ I did get a few ARCs and indie author books that came in during the month, though, which I pushed to to the top of my reading stack. I think these must have skewed my stats in this section.

Ratings & Highs and Lows

bar chart of book rating out of five stars from storygraph

And finally we have this oddly level graph of book ratings! Clearly it was a mixed month in terms of whether or not I enjoyed the books. There’s only one winner this month at 4.75 stars and that is….

ashes of the sun by django wexler book cover from goodreads


Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler

Thanks for popping by, and happy reading!


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