Renee’s Recent Reads 4/27/22 β˜”

TheWriteReads blog tour header image for The Carnival of Ash by Tom Beckerlegge

Hi, friends! We’re nearly at the end of April if you can believe it, and the beautiful, sunny month of May is almost here 😎🌞It’ll be a much needed reprieve from all the rain… Who else is ready for some sunshine?!

Recently I’ve been reading The Carnival of Ash as part of TheWriteRead’s blog tour going on now through the next couple weeks. My review post for that tour will be coming up May 7th, so keep your eyes peeled for that! An assortment of other great bloggers are participating as well – check out TheWriteReads Twitter page for retweets and links to their reviews.

Meanwhile I’m about half way through the book and blazing through. It’s been a great read so far – poetic and fanciful, and filled with light political intrigue. However there haven’t been many fantasy / magical elements that I’ve seen. I’m wondering if we’re building to something later on in the story…will let you know!

Stay dry and happy reading!


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